Venue Spotlight: Na Aina Kai, Kauai / by Jena Garlinghouse

Na Aina Kai is a truly, truly special place. (And I promise I’m not biased… even though it’s the venue my husband and I got married at!).

“Na Aina Kai” means “Lands By The Sea” and it’s located on the North Shore of Kauai. It’s made up of over 240 acres of land and has eight separate venues to choose from (what could be more amazing than that!). All venues are so unique in their own right… you can choose from a private, secluded beach, a Japanese tea garden, a residence overlooking the ocean, a bluff overlooking the ocean or groves and groves of hardwood trees that create the most magical forest wonderland you could eve imagine. Take your pick!

Ceremonies can take place at any of the locations mentioned above and typically, and your receptions are held in the Lotus Meadow or at The Residence. What’s great about this is your guests get to enjoy a variety of views all within the same venue! (And let me tell you, the team at Na Aina Kai is so wonderful to work with.)

Take a peek at a few of the pictures below to get a better idea of what this incredible spot on the North Shore of Kauai is all about.

hardwood forest, na aina kai, kauai
na aina kai hardwood forest kauai
 Birds-eye view of Lotus Meadow.

Birds-eye view of Lotus Meadow.

Check out this gorgeous wedding video shot at Na Aina Kai!